The Discovery Gift Box

The Discovery Gift Box

from 75.00

This discovery gift box contains our 5 natural and organic products : one soap of your choice, one toothpaste, one healing paw balm, an ear cleaner and a nose balm. For an exhaustive product description, we recommend you to check the individual product listings for more information. Thank you! We offer you free shipping Canada-USA with Canada Post. Enter DISCOVERYKIT code at checkout.

Soap : Net 136 g | Net 4.76 oz

Healing Paw Balm :  117 gr | 1.69 oz

Ear Cleaner: 30 ml | 1 oz

Banana Toothpaste or Strawberry Toothpaste : 107 gr | 1.69 oz

Nose Balm : 4,25 gr | 0.15 oz

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