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We are dog owner, contemporary handmade soapmakers and Maine lovers. We understand the importance of living a healthy life,  loving our pets and using safe and natural cosmetics for us and for our lovely dogs too!    

Our products are designed all the while keeping in mind that a dog's life is so precious and too short. At Good Girl | Good Boy, we will give you our best, day after day, and we will help you to celebrate your dog's life.

FedEx Small Business Grant contest 2019

Last year, with your precious support, Good Girl | Good Boy was selected at the national final at FedEx Business Grant Contest. This year, we participate at the 2019 Edition, and with your support, we will win! You can vote once a day until May 13. Thanks for all of you guys, you rock ;-) Stay Tuned ... The Finalists Are Coming Soon! Top 75 announcement coming May 30th, 2019!



Customers reviews

She really appreciated the Paw Balm after taking a long walk in the city’s concrete jungle.
— Jasmine and Pogo, NYC



in collaboration with Bulles et Molécules Luxury non-toxic personal care products (since 2009) 

Handmade in small batches and designed specifically for dogs (sorry cats but they are not for you...), our products contain only the finest natural ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils that are safe and good for your best friend.
Your lovely dog needs the best in all aspects of his joyous life.  

We know that your dog is a member of your family. You cherish him and you give him the best of yourself and he gives back to you like no one else! He is your best friend, your Good Girl or your Good Boy... 

Live, Laugh and Bark... Be happy and make good products, it's our mission! 

Until one has loved a dog, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened
— anatole France


made in Canada



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